Mortgage PLN 100000 What loan installment? Which bank? Check!

A mortgage loan of PLN 100,000 for 20 years, or maybe 30 years? First of all, check the offers, choose a bank or advisor and contact them to find out the details.

Is it worth using a mortgage comparison service if you want to know how much will your loan installment amount to a mortgage loan of PLN 100,000?

Installment calculator

Installment calculator

Does comparison of loans for PLN 100,000 with an installment calculator make sense? Not really, and for one simple reason: EVERY mortgage calculator presents results only approximately. To know the exact results and details of the loan, it is necessary to contact the selected bank.

The amount of loan installments for a mortgage loan of PLN 100,000, depending on the loan period, is as follows (estimated: property value PLN 250000, loan purpose purchase of a flat or home, loan term 30 years, borrower age 30 years, equal installments, no we use other bank products).

  • Mortgage PLN 100,000 for 10 years – estimated loan installment in the amount of PLN 993.55
  • Mortgage PLN 100,000 for 15 years – estimated loan installment in the amount of PLN 714.39
  • Mortgage loan PLN 100,000 for 20 years – estimated loan installment in the amount of PLN 579.45
  • Mortgage PLN 100,000 for 25 years – estimated loan installment in the amount of PLN 500.09
  • Mortgage loan PLN 100,000 for 30 years – estimated loan installment in the amount of PLN 442.93

In the case of a mortgage loan of PLN 100,000, the charges for the payment of loan installments are not very high, but of course one should take into account the fact that the loan offer and the mortgage loan we receive depend on the assessment of our creditworthiness and creditworthiness.

Mortgage PLN 100,000 and more

Mortgage PLN 100,000 and more

Important information from the point of view of the client applying for a mortgage not only in the amount of PLN 100,000. The Mortgage Loan Act and the Supervision of Mortgage Brokers and Agents introduced some significant changes to mortgage loans.

1) Restrictions on early repayment of loans with a variable interest rate . The bank may charge a prepayment fee only for 3 years from the date of signing the contract. The amount of such a fee can not be higher than the annual amount of interest that we would pay from the amount that was previously repaid. This amount can not be higher than 3% of the repaid amount (currently its amount is about 1.5 – 2.0%).

2) Prohibition of granting loans in foreign currencies. Granting a loan to a client, e.g. in EUR or in dollars, is possible only in two cases:

  • when the borrower generates most of his income in foreign currency or
  • the majority of the funds or assets held are expressed in the currency of the loan.

3) Cross-selling is forbidden . The tied-up sale is obviously not banned. A cross-selling ban applies only to the situation where the bank makes the decision on granting the loan conditional upon the use of other products. The exception is a bank account (free) used to service the loan. The bank may offer a mortgage, eg with a reduced margin, commission, etc. if we use, for example, insurance, but at the same time a mortgage with no additional products must be offered.

4) Insurance. The bank can not impose a choice of a specific insurer. It is enough to provide the bank with its own policy, which will meet the bank’s requirements regarding the minimum insurance coverage.

5) Credit restructuring. In the event of a delay in the payment of loan installments, the borrower has the right to request the bank to restructure the loan. The bank can offer:

  • temporary suspension of credit repayment,
  • extension of the loan period,
  • other activities that enable timely repayment of installments.

If the bank can not submit such proposals or its actions will be ineffective, the bank will not immediately proceed with bailiff recovery. We will have time to independently sell the property. The minimum period for the sale of an apartment for this is 6 months.

6) The maximum time to provide information on the credit decision taken is 21 days from the submission of documents to KOMPLET.

Mortgage PLN 100,000 – from the cycle: “Mortgage loans – before you use, you need to know.”