Mortgage comparison. Banks, installments, loan proposals

Mortgage and housing comparison allows you to quickly and online, check the offers of loans in banks.

What can you use for a mortgage? Most often, it is intended for the purchase of an apartment from the primary or secondary market. But it can also be intended for:

  • purchase or construction of a house.
  • purchase of a building plot.
  • renovation or adaptation of real estate for residential purposes.
  • purchase of a municipal or business flat.
  • finishing, renovation or modernization of an apartment or house.
  • completing the construction of a house or flat.
  • transforming a tenant or ownership cooperative right to a property into a property.

If you want to know what you can still spend your mortgage, it is worth to meet with a credit advisor or make an appointment with a selected bank.

Mortgage comparison residential

Mortgage comparison residential

How to calculate the amount of the mortgage loan installment? You can use a credit comparison, or a mortgage calculator. It should be noted that this is only a simulator of loan installments, which means that the calculations are estimates. If we want to know how much it will install, it is best to make an appointment with a bank or loan adviser. By the way, we’ll also find out if we have creditworthiness.

Nevertheless, the comparison engine, after entering the value of a loan, eg a mortgage loan of PLN 250,000 for 30 years, allows to find out how much the loan installment will be. In addition, we have the option of sending a contact request to the bank and a financial advisor.

Popular mortgages

Popular mortgages

What were the most-searched mortgages in the last few months of 2018? Searches are practically unchanged and most often we are looking for a mortgage loan for the purchase of an apartment from the secondary market.

Most popular: mortgage 50 thousand. PLN 150,000 mortgage, mortgage loan PLN 120,000, mortgage loan for building a house PLN 500,000, mortgage loan PLN 70,000, mortgage loan for apartment purchase PLN 80,000, PLN 150,000 for 15 years, PLN 160,000, PLN 200,000, PLN 250,000, PLN 300,000.

Comparison of mortgage loans PLN 80,000, PLN 100,000, PLN 150,000. If, therefore, we dream of our own apartment, then before we find such an apartment, we need to find out if we can afford to finance its purchase with a mortgage loan. We will get the answer to this question in the bank.